Older than History

Departure Date

Every Monday


10 days



Day 1: Arrival to Tehran

Day 2:  Tehran- Evening Flight to Shiraz

Day 3: Shiraz

Day 4: Shiraz- Persepolis- Mavast

Day 5:  Marvast- Meymand/ (Saryazd and Mehriz)- Yazd

             You can have two variations for the 5th day and choose one of them.

Day 6: Yazd

Day 7: Kharanaq- Meybod- Chak chak

Day 8: Yazd- Ardakan- Isfahan

Day 9: Isfahan

Day 10: Abyaneh- Kashan- IKA Airport






Day 1:

Arrival to Tehran. Meet and greet at the airport and transfer to the hotel to have some rest.

Overnight in Tehran

Day 2:

We visit Tehran, the most populated city of Iran. Tehran is known for its great rich culture and various museums containing part of the history of Persia some of which are considered as the best of the world. We drive to heart of Tehran to visit some its museums depending on the day of the week that we are in Tehran. We can visit The National Museum, Jewelry Museum (it is closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays): also we can visit The Carpet Museum, without a doubt in comparison it is the best carpet museum, and Golestan Palace (world heritage site by UNESCO) (it is closed on Sundays and Thursdays). Having been familiar with museums and being inspired with the stories they tell for us we go to Tabiat bridge for lunch. In the evening we flight to Shiraz.

Overnight in Shiraz

Day 3:

In the morning we start the tour of Shiraz city. We will visit lovely Nasir al Molk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, and take some photos in the dreamy and colorful atmosphere of it. We will walk in Narenjestan Palace (a traditional and historical house and garden in Shiraz decorated with fountains, date palms, …), and finish our morning tour at holy shrine of Ali Ibne Hamzeh. In the afternoon we will continue with Vakil mosque and the bazaar of Shiraz, we will visit the gorgeous Eram garden (world heritage site and a good example of Persian gardens) where we can enjoy tall cypress trees, fragrant flowers and aromatic sour oranges. We will stop at Mausoleum of Hafez and get familiar with the most famous Persian poet. We will finish our tour at Quran Gate (the ancient gated entrance to Shiraz from north.)

Overnight in Shiraz.

Day 4:

We will drive to Persepolis to be inspired by the legendry capital of Persian Achaemenids and the center of the great Persian Empire, and Naghse Rostam known as Necropolis with stunning carving on stones of mount and ancient Persian rock reliefs. Afterward we head towards Marvast a small town on our way to Yazd. In Marvast we visit Dasht-e-Namak (an area in desert covered with salt). In the evening we settle in Siah Chador (Nomads’ tent) to experience a nomadic life, eat their local food, listen to their stories, and get acquaintance with their handicrafts and dairy products.

Overnight in Marvast.

Day 5: The first Option:

Having a local breakfast, we wave good bye with friendly nomads and head to Meymand Rocky Village one of the oldest places of the world which has been continuously inhabited. You will experience something different in this world heritage village. You will meet hospitable people Living in small house in the shape of caves. After having lunch in the only restaurant of the village we drive towards the old city of Yazd. An amazing city which contains history and modernity together.

Overnight in Yazd.

Day 5: The Second Option:

Having a local breakfast, we wave good bye with friendly nomads and head to Yazd. On our way to Yazd we will stop to discover Saryazd Castle, the story of its people, the way they defended against their enemies, and about one of the largest and oldest bank safe- deposit boxes in Iran and the world. Then we will visit Gate of Farafar. Our last destination will be Pahlavanpour Garden in Mehriz where we can refresh our soul and body below the shadow of its trees.

Overnight in Yazd.

Day 6:

We will have a full day tour of Yazd.  First of all, we see the towers of silence, where the Zoroastrian used to leave their dead bodies for the vultures to eat the flesh, and then we explore the fire temple of Zoroastrians, where the sacred fire is kept flaring for more than 1500 years, Amirchmaq square from Timurid era and Water Museum (all the details of how Persians used to manage the water in the dessert can be seen). In the afternoon we visit Jame mosque of Yazd, one of the 5 magnificent mosques in Iran, then we have a walking tour in the biggest mud brick old city in the world. You can walk through the history and as you stroll in the maze of mud brick alleys you can visit Alexander Prison, Lariha House and etc. Finally, we finish with Dolat Abad Garden (world heritage registered garden by UNESO), another sample of Persian gardens where you can take a rest next to the pool and enjoy watching one of the longest wind catchers at one side and a beautiful garden at the other side.

Overnight in Yazd.

Day 7:

Today we will leave to have a full day sightseeing tour out of the city. We will be get lost in history in an excursion including: Kharanaq, Meybod, and Chak chak. Kharanaq, meaning place of birth of the sun, is an old abandoned mudbrick village. You can walk around the narrow tunnels and pathways, peek into the rooms and step on the rooftops to experience an amazing view.

Meybod is also an old mudbrick town where you can experience a mixture of history and life. In Meybod we visit Narin Castle (from top of which we can see the city), pigeon’s tower, water reservoir, ice house, Shah Abbasi caravanserai, and zilou museum (zilou is a flat woven carpet inscribed as world heritage).

Chak chak, a famous Zoroastrian fire temple, is located in a mountain. We will reach it by climbing several stairs. Inside the cave you can hear the sound of water dripping.

Overnight in Yazd

Day 8:

Today we leave Yazd towards Isfahan. En route we will visit Ardakan’s Qanat, an ancient water tunnel under the ground to supply water for people settled in deserts of Iran. In the walking tour of qanat you will stroll bellow the city and find out everything about the water system in this area.

We are in Isfahan in the afternoon. Isfahan is the maximum exponent of the magnificent antique Persia. In the entire city corners the exquisite taste of handicrafts and artists of the 17th century, is still perceived. It is the big effort of the emperor Abbas I the great, for converting Isfahan to the most beautiful city of Asia in his time. This day we visit Naghsh-e Jahan (Imam) Square, the second biggest square in the world which has been registered by UNESCO. In the square we visit Shah Abbas mosque (Imam Mosque), a masterpiece of Persian Architecture, Lotfolah mosque, exclusive mosque for women in Safavid dynasty, and Ali Qapu palace. At the end of the day, we have time for the best shopping of Isfahan and probe into Persian amazing handicrafts.

Overnight: Isfahan.

Day 9:

we continue our visit of Isfahan. We visit Chehel Sotoun palace (a world heritage site by UNESCO which name is driven from 40 columns of the palace), Vank Armenian church and the picturesque and alternative quarter of Jolfa where you can find a peaceful coexistence of two different religions; there are still about twelve thousands Armenian living in Iran and a number of them are in Isfahan. In the afternoon we head to Zayanderud river and we cross over it to enjoy the beauty of the antique bridges like Sio Se Pol and Khajoo.

Overnight in Isfahan.

Day 10:

Early in the morning we drive to the charming village of Abyaneh which has preserved its ancient characteristics. In this red village you experience a walking tour along the narrow alleys and visit its historical attractions. You can wear local clothing and feel the sense of great antiquity. You can also take photos with friendly locals in this amazing atmosphere. Kashan to discover this delightful oasis city made famous by its architectural wonders. We say good bye to Abyaneh and head towards Kashan, a delightful oasis city famous for its architectural wonders. In Kashan we will visit Fin Garden (a UNESCO recognized site). We will enjoy this Persian garden, its old and long trees and their dancing leaves in a pleasant breeze. Afterwards we will visit Tabatabaeeha house to get familiar with

We drive to IKA airport. It’s the end of our journey. We wish you the best and hope to see you again in Iran.

overnight on board.