“Beshkan” or Persian Snap

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Do you like to snap?
Snapping is a simple action along with a special rhythm which brings joy and happiness with itself.
This simple action is a part of Iranians’ traditions. We will convey it with pleasure to everyone who loves Iran and Iranians.
Where and when do we snap?
Iranians snap in their birthday and wedding parties or in every other joyful situation.
How do we snap?
Of course we as Iranians are good snappers and playing different variations of snapping is a piece of cake for us because we practice it since our childhood.
Generally, every sharp clicking noise made by moving one of your fingers particularly middle finger quickly and firmly against your thumb is snapping. But it isn’t the end of the story! The famous Persian Snapping isn’t as easy as this and involves both of your hands. Do you want to learn it? Be our guest. We can practice it together with joy!!!

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